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23 May 2014

Conclusion Clauses


Used to introduce the logical result of sth that has just been mentioned: He's only 17 and therefore not eligible to vote. There is still much to discuss. We shall, therefore, return to this item at our next meeting.


In this way, like this: Many scholars have argued thus. The universities have expanded, thus allowing many more people the chance of higher education.
As a result of sth just mentioned. SYN hence, therefore: He is the eldest son and thus heir to the title. We do not own the building. Thus, it would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it.


(Formal) for this reason: We suspect they are trying to hide something, hence the need for an independent inquiry.
... days, weeks, etc. hence: (formal) a number of days, etc. from now: The true consequences will only be known several years hence.

Consequently - As a result

Consequently = As a result; therefore: This poses a threat to agriculture and the food chain, and consequently to human health.
As a Result
  • [C, U] result (of sth) a thing that is caused or produced because of sth else: She died as a result of her injuries. The failure of the company was a direct result of bad management. He made one big mistake, and, as a result, lost his job. The farm was flooded, with the result that most of the harvest was lost. The end result (= the final one) of her hard work was a place at medical school. This book is the result of 25 years of research.
  • [C] result (of sth) the Information that you get from a scientific test or piece of research: the result of an experiment [v] Result (from sth) to happen because of sth else that happened first: Job losses resulting from changes in production. When water levels rise, flooding results. It was a large explosion and the resulting damage was extensive.
Result in sth: to make sth happen. SYN lead to: The cyclone has resulted in many thousands of deaths. [+ _Ing] these policies resulted in many elderly people suffering hardship.

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