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4 Jun 2014

Future Continuous Tense

a. Form: S + Will/ Shall + Be + Ving
b. Uses:
  • We use this tense for an action that we will be in the middle of. Ex: in a week's time, I'll be lying in the sun. we will be having tea at 7 o'clock.
  • The future continuous expresses an activity that will be in progress before and after a time in the future. Ex: don't phone at 8:00. We will be having supper. This time tomorrow I will be flying to New York. This time tomorrow we will be working in this field. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?
  • The future continuous is used to refer to a future event that will happen in the natural course of event. This use is uncoloured by ideas such as intention, decision, arrangement, or willingness. As time goes by, this event will occur. Ex: don't worry about our guests. They will be arriving any minute now. We will be going right back to the football after the break. (Said on television). I will be going to the centre later. Can I get you anything?
  • We also use this tense for an action, which will result from a routine or arrangement. Ex: I will be phoning my mother tonight. (It's part of my regular routine). The Queen will be arriving soon. (It's is part of her schedule).

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