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7 Jun 2014

Future Perfect Tense

a. Form: S + Will/ Shall + Have + Past Participle (PP)
b. Uses:
  • The future perfect refers to an action that will be completed before a definite time in the future. Ex: I will have done all my homework by this evening. I will have finished the book by the next week. By the end of the month, I will have been here for three years.
  • To express an action will finish and relate to another action in the future. Ex: the taxi will have arrived by the time you finish dressing. When we arrive, they will have had dinner. Before he leaves, I will have met him.
  • We also use this tense to talk about something being over in the future. Ex: I will have finished this book soon. (I'm nearly at the end). Tom won't have completed his studies until he is 24.

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