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4 Nov 2014

Tips for Learning Listening Skill

How English Language is Learnt?

It is widely accepted that English has been an international language. English is also regarded as an inevitable mean of communication in our real world. We study English to exchange information, training methods, culture, modern science and technology, etc. English listening, speaking, reading, writing are paid more attention and becomes a core in language teaching and learning.

Tips for Learning Listening Skill

You have been studying English for a long time and have a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. You can read and write in English but you have trouble understanding what people or video clip are saying. Below are some tips to help you improve your listening skill and get used to the natural spoken English.
  1. Listen to the whole audio once without looking at the words.
  2. Listen again, but pause the audio every 5 seconds. Taking note and add any new words you heard.
  3. Read through your notes completely again. Use your knowledge of grammar to try to complete the sentences.
  4. Listen to the audio again, but this time stop after 10 seconds. Again, write down the main words you hear and compare to the note in step 3.
  5. Listen to the audio completely one last time while reading your notes then compare your notes to the actual words.
  6. Listen and check your pronunciation of words you know but didn't hear or understand when you were listening.
  7. Listen one final time to the clip. It should be easier now to understand what the speaker is saying.
  8. After about a week, come back and listen to the clip again to refresh your memory.
Note: Your listening skills will not improve overnight. If you practice consistently 3-4 times a week, soon you will start to see an improvement in your listening skills.

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