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2 Nov 2014

Tips for Learning Reading Skill

How English Language is Learnt?

It is widely accepted that English has been an international language. English is also regarded as an inevitable mean of communication in our real world. We study English to exchange information, training methods, culture, modern science and technology, etc. English listening, speaking, reading, writing are paid more attention and becomes a core in language teaching and learning.

Tips for Learning Reading Skill

In the modern age of information, reading truly is a fundamental survival skill. Here are ten tips that anyone can use to improve their reading skills:
  1. Some people read fast and remember everything. Others read slowly and take a couple of times to get all the information. It doesn't matter, really, so long as when you read, you get the information you're seeking.
  2. Know the reason why you're reading. Decide why you're reading before you start and you'll greatly improve your comprehension and your enjoyment.
  3. You don't need to read all the reading text. Be choosy: select the chapters and articles that are important.
  4. Scan before you read. These will help you determine if you have a real interest in this reading, and what information you're likely to get from it.
  5. Prioritize your reading. You can't read everything all at once (and wouldn't want to). If it's important, read it now. If it's not, let it wait.
  6. Optimize your reading environment. You'll read faster and comprehend more if you read in an environment that's comfortable for you.
  7. Once you start, don't stop! Read each item straight through. If you finish and have questions, go back and re-read the pertinent sections.
  8. Focus. Remember, you're reading with a purpose, so focus on that purpose and the material.
  9. Practice! The more you read, the better reader you'll become!

Tips for Learning Writing Skill

Strong writing skills in English come from practice and determination. Anyone can be a good writer if they are determined enough. Below are 8 Tips to Improve Your English Writing Skills:
  1. Keep All of your Writing in One Place. By doing so, you will be able to see how much you are improving and keep it organized.
  2. Practice Writing in English Daily. Writing every day in English will soon become natural and something you look forward to.
  3. Pick a Topic and WRITE! You can write about anything, what you do, things you hear or see.
  4. Write More than One Draft. Sometimes, your best writing becomes better after you take a break and work on a second or third draft.
  5. Use Online Resources to Correct your Grammar. You don't need to know everything about English grammar. Use online resources to help you answer a grammar question when it comes up.
  6. Think Outside the Box (or Lines). Don't write about the same thing every day or you will get bored. Try writing the same story from different perspectives.
  7. Have a Friend Edit Your Writing that generate more ideas to better your writing.
  8. Find the Best Place for You to Write. You should try writing in different places or at different times of the day.
To sum up, with those above-mentioned tips about four different English skills, I hope that those will help all of you improve your English language skills.

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