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6 Nov 2014

Verb Patterns

a. Verb + to + Vinf

There is a list of verb patterns: "agree, appear, arrange, beg, can't afford, can't wait, ask, decide, demand, manage, would like, would love, would prefer, would hate, seem, train, undertake, tend, pretend, plan, cause..."
Ex: He agreed to lend me a book. She pretended not to see me when she passed me in the street.

b. Verb + Ving

Here is a list of verb patterns in this structure: "avoid, contemplate, confess, detest, endure, involve, justify, mention, recall, resent, tolerate, practise, carry on, can't help, can't stand, it's no use/ good, feel like, resist, admit..."
Ex: The girl admitted breaking the vase. Nobody can tolerate being treated badly.

c. Verb + Ving/ to Vinf (without changing in meaning)

Some verbs patterns: "begin, start, attempt, continue, finish, end, like, plan, intend, love, prefer, propose..."
Ex: it began to rain/ raining. I don't like to get/ getting up early. The train started to run/ running.

c. Verb + to Vinf/ Ving (with a change in meaning)

Some verbs such as: "remember, stop, try, regret, mean, forget..."
Ex: I had to phone the office but I forgot to do it. I forgot turning off the life. Let's stop to have dinner. You should stop smoking. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you. He regrets not taking his parents advice.
Note: The difference between try to do sth and try doing sth: You should try to eat more fruit. Means: "You should make an effort to eat more fruit." You should try eating more fruit. Means: "You should see if eating more fruit will help you" (to feel better, for example).
Note: The difference between stop doing sth and stop to do sth: We stopped taking pictures. Means: "We were no longer taking pictures." We stopped to take pictures. Means: "We stopped what we were doing so that we could start taking pictures."
Note: The difference between remember doing sth and remember to do sth: I remember posting the letter. Means: "I have an image in my memory of doing it". I remembered to post the letter. Means: "I didn't forget to do it."

d. Verb + preposition + Ving

There are some verbs in this structure: "looking forward to, feel like, think of/ about, approve/ disapprove of, apologize for, insist on, decide on/ against, complain about, succeed in, dream of, rely on..."
Ex: I disapprove of smoking. She apologized for being late. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. He insisted on leaving him alone. They decided against hunting wild animals. I dreamed of being president.

6. Verb + sb/ sth + Vinf (without to)

Here are some verb patterns: "let, make, help..."
Ex: he helped me carry the bags. He made her leave. They let her cry. Let me go. She helped me do my homework. Her teacher made her work hard.

7. Verb + sb/ sth + to + Vinf

Here are some verbs: "command, assist, persuade, invite, urge, remind, bribe, encourage, employ, able, instruct, advise..."
Ex: remind me to phone Tom tonight. My parents encouraged me to enter University. They invited me to come their party.

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