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30 May 2015

15 Days' Practice for IELTS Listening

Listening is a very important skill in the IELTS. In general, you need to have a good listening skill to be able to interact with other people. You have to understand what a person is saying to have a logical and meaningful conversation.

In the IELTS listening, candidates are presented with four different tasks which evaluate their skills. To add challenge to the test, the accents used in the listening passages are Australian and British accents. How can one practice for the IELTS listening test? Is it possible to review for it within 15 days?

It is truly possible when you are at hand this intensive practice book for the IELTS listening.

Day 1: An Overview on the IELTS Listening test
Day 2: Types of Questions in the IELTS Listening test
Day 3: Classified Lexical Items (1)
Day 4: Classified Lexical Items (2)
Day 5: Multiple-Choice Questions
Day 6: Gap Filling: Summary Completion
Day 7: Gap Filling: Form/Note/Table Completion
Day 8: Gap Filling: Sentence Completion
Day 9: Matching Words/Phrases/Sentences
Day 10: Matching with Pictures
Day 11: Short Answers
Day 12: True/False Questions
Day 13: Review
Day 14: Practice Test (1)
Day 15: Practice Test (2)

Please click here to download eBook
Please click here to download audio

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