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28 May 2015

15 Days' Practice for IELTS Speaking

Do you consider yourself a good English speaker? Is your speaking skill good enough to pass an English proficiency exam? IELTS examinees are advised to take practices for the speaking. However, is it possible to be good at speaking English within 15 days? Of course! Here’s how:

First Week
- Understand what the IELTS speaking test is all about.
- Know the different criteria in evaluating the speaking test (Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Pronunciation, and Grammar Range and Accuracy)
- Be familiar with the three tasks of the exam.
- Find the common topics usually used in the speaking test. Research on materials online that can help you with it.
- Look up for videos online about the IELTS speaking test.

Second Week
- Review on verb tenses which is a very important factor in the test.
- Improve vocabulary.
- Find someone who can help you with your speaking test. Let this person act as an examiner. Choose someone who is good at speaking English and evaluating people in terms of English usage.
- Make a schedule to have at least two sets of speaking mock exams.

The speaking exam is easy to pass as long as candidates know how to make correct responses. In addition, examinees have to develop their confidence in using the English language. They have to get used to being interviewed. With this, it is recommended for IELTS candidates to take part in speaking mock exams in IELTS review centers. Speaking coaches give really good comments and feedbacks on how candidates can better their responses and eliminate anxiety during the IELTS speaking test.

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