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12 Jun 2015

IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests

This is a recent actual IELTS Listening test extracted from the IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests. 

This course focuses on the practice of listening and speaking combined. In fact, if somebody wants to communicate well in English, the most important thing is to listen to actual situations a lot from the beginning. 

Many linguists recommend candidates need to spend time to listen to the meaningful pieces of speech relevant to communicative situations before learning to speak English. Therefore , the course was collected from real IELTS exam sources in the past, used the forms of listening before speaking, stringing the situation on the theme of the entire program.

When using this course, students will discover that they not only improve their listening - speaking skills, and prepare effectively their exam, but also know a lot of cultural knowledge concerned. It is a great combination between conquering the exams and developing actual language skills.

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