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2 Mar 2015

Developing Tactics for Listening

Tactics for Listening (Listening in English) is the practical training curriculum listen to students who are learning English. The book consists of three books are classified into three levels: Basic (Basic), Expansion (Developing) and improving (expanding)

Developing Tactics for Listening   (Listening English - expansion) is the second level in the series, for intermediate students learn English but need more practice to be able to understand everyday language. The book consists of 24 articles. Each card describes a topic related to everyday life and experiences of both adults and adolescents. The topics in the book were selected because they are often used in communication and inspire learners. Many interesting activities and fun are included in the book to help students practice listening effectively.

In The Developing Tactics for Listening , students will practice listening to many different words: informal conversation, instructions, directions, request, description, apologize and suggest. These skills need to be practiced heard throughout the lesson. These skills include listening to key words, the details and main ideas, listen and draw conclusions, to hear the views, listen and answer questions, hear, recognize and capture information.

Developing Tactics for Listening can be used as a core curriculum for ear training courses, as supplementary material for said preparation courses, or to document the basis for ear training courses in a lab.

To download eBooks and CDs of this book, please click on the links below. Expanding sets will be updated in an upcoming article.

Click here to download eBook
Click here to download Audio

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