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10 Jul 2015

Speaking Strategies for IELTS

Speaking Strategies for IELTS is divided into books for students (total 19 items) and books for teachers (Answers to Exercises); Conversation practice questions in post 18, said test sample in all 19 accompanied by ice.

The content of each post basically consists of 3 parts:
- Conversation .
- Language focus .
- Exercise .
Conversations: Talk Through practical only for people learning how to use different skills to say in different contexts.

Language Focus: As the saying specific skills students should master. Also some wording appears in the form of talk, in every post adds other expressions, thereby expanding knowledge of the spoken language of the learner.

Exercise: Based on demand live, study and work abroad, combined with the form of the IELTS speaking, in each article offers a large amount of homework, paying special attention to the clearly expressed and fluency. Other forms of exercise are varied . 

To meet the needs of the IELTS speaking test, this book also introduces special content and form of the IELTS speaking test, speaking test preparation, in addition to providing said three test samples and a large number of articles set like the part in the test sample, such as thematic discussions, suggestions and questions can be asked in the exam said.

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