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13 Jun 2016

English Unlocked! Advanced C1

Your complete solution to learning English at home. English Unlocked is a total English-learning solution. It’s perfect for all levels and uses our unique 5-Key System – you’ll perfect your reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Plus, it’s full of top tips on how to speak natural English really quickly and lots of ready-to-use English expressions.

English Unlocked prepares you for official English exams (First Certificate, IELTS , TOEFL, etc.).
If you need English for your job, you’ll learn business English, interview English and cultural English for dealing with English-speaking clients.

Are you about to travel? English Unlocked! is full of practical and useful English that you’ll need while you’re overseas. Or do you simply want to be able to understand and have conversations with  native English speakers? English Unlocked! uses the latest topics in news, culture, music and film – that way you’ll have something to talk about!

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