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8 Jul 2016

How to save up to 50% on all purchases made in China

IBMH launches video to explain how to save up to 50% on all purchases made in China.

IBMH Corporation, a consultancy and management company in China has recently released a new video clip where the company reveals their value to business clients in procurement management. Through this short video the company hopes to enable companies understand the advantages of procurement management consultants in China.

At IBMH we are leaders in Purchasing Management of and Quality Control in China, they are specialized in helping companies to save up to 50% on all purchases made in China, related to Furniture Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Furniture Fittings, Door Hardware, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Wardrobe Hardware

According to sources, IBMH as a company has been helping businesses in China in the field of management of sales from procurement to delivery. The company’s main motive has been to enable businesses build, grow, and innovate. Besides, the company also offers them the opportunity to free up their internal resources so as to develop the business itself by handling all the aspect of sales and procurement, in addition to strategic management. The new video has been published to explain the process.

As per their website the duration of the video is 5 minutes and uses dynamic imagery and voice over to introduce the company and their objective, exclusive methods as well as approaches used by the company. In addition to that, the video also explains the advantages all these bring to businesses. All in all, the video covers every little aspect through which IBMH can facilitate businesses to reach their intended targets. 

In this video show you, in a clear way, how IBMHCORP can help all their woldwide customers.
One of the company’s representatives quoted, “IBMH is thrilled to be able to release our new video, which can be shared virally throughout online spheres, in emails and more, as well as on the home page f our website to serve as a full explanation of our services  to anyone seeking procurement management and development services.” 

He continued, “We offer the most comprehensive, full spectrum approach to every aspect of product, even enlisting inventors to create something entirely new when necessary, enabling businesses to better focus on building their market share, increasing their client base and maximizing the return on investments.” For more details go to


IBMH Corporation is a young and dynamic company started by professionals in Purchasing Management and Quality Control in China. The company is driven to create, help, build, develop, and invent new ideas so that clients are completely satisfied with the service provided.  


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