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15 Jun 2016

Is Divorce Coaching a Profession

Many people from a variety of previous professions have chosen to get into the divorce coaching career. The career of a certified divorce coach is a rewarding one, after all. As a divorce coach, you find yourself meeting new people and helping many of them get out of unpleasant situations, to put it gently. 

Becoming a certified divorce coach is not too difficult. Training courses are available online. But it takes patience and dedication at a different level. You're going to need to know how to keep some sad, broken and even downright angry and spiteful people as calm and civil as you can. Given the nature of divorces and the incredibly overwhelming mix of emotions often tied to them, that's no easy task. Yet, as the divorce coach, you are expected to be the strong, rational one. The beam of light in their dark life, for the spouses to be able to come to for advice and help, or even just to vent.

Another difficult task may be remaining unbiased. After all, you will likely hear things partner X may say about partner Y that may make them seem unfavorable. Try to remember that some things you may hear are possibly or even probably the very reason the couple is getting divorced in the process. It will be up to the lawyers and their determination to fight over the settlement and who's guilty of what when the court dates arrive. A divorce coach needs to remain unbiased the entire time in order to help both partners get through their split as easily as possible. And having both partners' trust will help greatly.

Each partner may come to you, not just to vent, but to also ask for advice. After all, going from a marriage to suddenly becoming single again is not easy. The divorcees' world is crumbling, their lives are being destroyed. The whole process of most divorces may feel devastating. But you, the certified divorce coach, should be able to help them figure out the next steps in their lives. You'll make connections of others who are willing to help. So be prepared to make several recommendations and suggestions, to both parties.

Just a couple things to look forward to in your new career path. If you like helping people solve problems in life, a certified divorce coach career may be just perfect for you. And don't forget, some of those you help through their divorces may wind up becoming some aforementioned helpful connections later on.

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