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29 Oct 2016

Learn to Speak the Lingo

Learn to speak the lingo - why training courses in English could help those that are not native speakers
Being able to speak English is an important business skill, especially since it is thought that around 1.5 billion people around the world can speak English. This of course, does not mean that English is their first language, and they may not speak it fluently. 
So what can be done about this? Many people will think that language courses are the only way to go, but this may not be the only option open to those who want to be able to speak English, at least on a business level. 
Whilst there are a number of language courses that you can attend in order to learn English; you may find that simply attending a number of business related training courses that are English speaking could help. 
But how?
We have put together some of the top benefits of attending training courses presented in English for improving your English language skills. 

It immerses you in the language 

One of the main benefits has to be that you are going to find yourself fully immersed in an English language environment, in real time. Whilst a language course can teach you the language; sitting with native speakers will teach you how to speak it. 
Many people react better when they have the opportunity to take on a “learn by doing” approach; and what better way to “learn by doing” then by joining in with a training course? 
During the courses you will learn commercial language that you can then use in your everyday communications. 

It gives you a network

Attending a training courses is not only about learning, although of course this does make up a huge part of the reason for booking in. They are also a great way to build your network, especially if you work within a particularly niche industry. 
Not being able to speak English as well as you would like can sometimes mean that you find networking events difficult, so, take advantage of sitting on a training course with other likeminded business people and make sure that you take their contact details at the end of it! 

It can build your confidence

Feeling unsure of yourself is never going to be helpful when it comes to business. So, why not give your confidence a boost by attending a business course in English? 
Not only will you learn some all-important lingo, but, depending on the type of course you attend, you may also learn some other vital skills and tools to help you run and develop your business and career. 
If you are living and working within a major business city, such as London, Singapore or New York then you may find that you need to brush up on your English. Rather than booking in on a language course, instead, why not book yourself in on a training course and see what you could learn, whilst you learn English. 

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