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5 Nov 2016

English Unlocked Book 3 Pre-Intermediate

Learn 500 useful English words and expressions with this all-in-one, self-study English-learning book series with reading, listening and language activities. 

Improve your reading, listening and pronunciation skills. Grammar, language, pronunciation, listening and reading activities and exercises so you can really improve and move up a level! 

English for travel, work, exams and life! Texts on culture, business, travel, music, films, language leaning and lots, lots more! Plus lesson-planning notes in our special Teacher's Guide. 

Move up a level NOW! Guaranteed!

Please click here to download eBook and Audio.

Enjoy learning!


  1. Hello Friend,

    Excellent Work.. I have seen all your upload document. your contribution is really remarkable.

    Out of these. i could see audio file is available still UNIT 4.

  2. do you have the beginner, elementary, and upper intermediate levels?

  3. advanced: PDF http://usafiles.net/4a433cee8677fc0b
    Audio http://usafiles.net/6bc9e43d7d074f61

    intermediate: pdf http://usafiles.net/9ed8b10ade81605d

    Audio http://usafiles.net/cc01e325576cf0b5

    1. the link to the students book has been removed :/

  4. actually english is spoken throughout the world because it is one of the most important languages and alot of countries make thier students learn it. i dont know why english is that hard to learn(probably because there are a lot of different meanings for one word) but as a native english speaker it seems easy.

    IELTS Reading facts