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2 Aug 2017

IELTS Advantage: Speaking & Listening Skills - Jon Marks

IELTS Advantage: Speaking & Listening Skills is a comprehensive resource for achieving 6.5 or higher in the Speaking and Listening modules of the IELTS exam. Students are guided step-by-step through the different stages of the speaking and listening modules, using lively material covering a wide range of the topics that are likely to occur in the exam. 

The step-by-step approach guides students to success using features such as Try it first!, Spotlight on language, Exam skills, Prepare and practise and Pronunciation focus. There are plentiful exam-practice opportunities, and students can compare model speaking tests with their own versions in order to acquire further useful ideas and strategies.

IELTS Advantage: Speaking & Listening Skills:
- shows students how to give the well-structured, detailed replies that examiners are looking for in the speaking module;
- contains numerous audio examples of model speaking test performances on the accompanying CD covers a wide range of the key grammar and vocabulary that students will need to give their best possible performance in the exam;
- advises on strategies for getting the best possible score on the day of the exam;
- explains the formats of the listening module, and how to answer them successfully;
- includes exam practice material covering all parts of the listening module;
- includes audio exam practice material for the listening module.

Key features:
Suitable for classroom study or self-study 
Includes audio CD, audio transcripts and answer key
Four full-length speaking test role-plays covering topics which commonly appear in the exam
Frequent exam tips to help students achieve a higher score
Check-and-challenge sections allow students to revise material and take their skills to the next level

Please click here to download eBook and Audio.

Enjoy learning!

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