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25 Dec 2017

1800 TOEFL Essential Vocabulary

A list of 1800 essential words with definitions and examples, using frequent TOEFL topic categories, is presented for ESL students preparing to take the TOEFL. 

Students are likely to think that the more words they know, the better grades they earn. Meanwhile, it is impossible to know all the words presented in real TOEFL because they do not have enough time to prepare the test as well as enough skills to solve the questions perfectly. In addition, the reading section of TOEFL does not require students to have encyclopedism, and it is not aimed to evaluate knowledge in a specific field. Its purpose is just to examine one’s reading ability in English, so the students do not have to know all the words given in the reading passages.

Nevertheless, most books for TOEFL vocabulary have randomly listed words or phrases, and some even fail to adjust its level of difficulty. Thus they are discouraging the students who want to improve their vocabulary. Not a few students who mastered a vocabulary book often have problems regarding vocabulary on TOEFL. Then how should they do? The answer is simple. Considering their own vocabulary levels, the student should learn the words extensively and intensively that are essential to understand the passages. It is the object for which this book is written.

Vocabulary is a basis as well as a start for preparing TOEFL. I hope that this book should help the students get higher grades on TOEFL and lead them to better situations.

Please click here to download eBook and TOEFL Essential Campus Vocabulary.

Enjoy learning!

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